Collection: Summer Stitched Kurta

Are you looking for a Winter outfit that will make you stand out from the crowd? Look no further than the Winter Khaddar Kurta, a luxurious and stylish kurta made with Kamalia Khaddar fabric. With a variety of colors to choose from, this kurta is perfect for any occasion.
🤩Stylish Design: With a modern design, the Summer Khaddar Kurta is sure to make a statement. 🤩Comfortable Fit: Made with a cotton fabric, this kurta is designed to fit comfortably. 🤩High-Quality Fabric: The Kamalia Khaddar fabric gives this kurta a luxurious look and feel.
- Lightweight fabric - Variety of colors - Modern design
This kurta is easy to wear and care for. Simply slip it on and enjoy the comfortable fit and stylish design. To clean, machine wash with cold water and hang to dry.
Q: What type of fabric is used? A: The Winter Khaddar Kurta is made with Kamalia Khaddar fabric. Q: How should I care for the kurta? A: To clean, hand wash with luke warm water and hang to dry.